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About us

We are a company specialized in the recruiting of the qualified personnel from various domains, for the companies from Europe including Romania.

Our specialists offer to the companies and to the candidates high quality services in recruiting and selections of the best candidates, consultancy in temporary work, posting of the personnel and assistance in obtaining the A1 form.
We have specialized personnel in legal, economical and human resources areas and experience
from our previous collaborations with companies from all Europe in various fields of activity.
Our goal is to find the chemistry between the employers and the candidates in order to build careers, develop professions and transform the companies in true powers because the human factor was and still is the most important asset of a company. Nowadays a person is looking for the vocation, the meaning and the employer is searching for human assets that can contribute to the continuous development of the activity.

So, what define us is the flexibility and the dedication in finding the right match between the requests of the companies and the aspirations of the candidates, all of these with a maximum degree of efficiency, seriousness and professionalism.
Our company recruits crew personnel for cargos, passenger ships, auxiliary personnel for passenger ships, personnel for naval shipyards, HORECA personnel and for the following areas: IT, medical, agriculture, constructions, management, sales, tourism, trade, telecommunications, financial and legal.

Our members won a lot of experience in the recruitment of inland crew for the ships under French and Belgian flag that are sailing most on inland waterways and also on the Rhine.

We have collaborations with recruitment companies and with the representatives of the employer companies.
Also, we offer to the companies our vast experience in temporary work starting with the authorization procedure and continuing with all the contractual and financial aspects related to this activity.
Our consultants give as well consultancy at the highest level over international mobility and posting of the personnel, over legal aspects that are applicable and to avoid the risks of noncompliance.


We provide consultancy and intermediary services in order to obtain the A1 form, document necessary and acknowledged by all the European countries, which proves the applicability of the insurance system of the country of origin for the temporary and posted workers.