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The A1 form is a document used in the European Union that certifies the fact that a posted or a leased worker in another country remains affiliated to the system of social insurances from the country of origin (Romania).

The A1 form has a high importance and necessity because if a posted or a leased worker does not have it and if the social contributions are not paid in the country where he provides the activity, he can receive a penalty and suffer criminal consequences and his employer will encounter the same penalties depending of the legislation of each country.

It is the proof in order to avoid the double taxation, it is delivered to the posted or to the leased employees, to the employees that work in two or in many countries, to the independent workers in two or in many countries, to the public functionaries and only with the fulfillment of the legal requests and conditions.

The A1 form is delivered only under the application of the European Regulation (CE) 883/2004 regarding the coordination of the social security systems and the European Regulation 987/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council from 16 September 2009, regulations that are applicable in the relationship between the UE member states and in the European Economical Space (SEE).

This way,

  • We help our partners with the entire necessary procedure in order to obtain the A1 form;
  • We offer assistance in the preparation of the necessary documentation in order to obtain the A1 form taking in consideration all the exceptional situations;
  • We make all the necessary documentation for the file;
  • We apply at CNPP Bucharest for the A1 form in the name of our partners and we keep the contact with the institution and a good collaboration with the inspectors that are responsible with the files;
  • We take the A1 forms from CNPP Bucharest;
  • We inform our partners about all the national, european legal and economical modifications related to the A1 form.