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The leasing of the personnel had appeared for the first time in the romanian legislation together with the Law No.53/2003 – Labor Code that offers a special chapter and, over time, it has gained a very strong tendency in Romania.

The temporary work agency is the company authorized by the Ministry of Labor, Family, and Social Protection that signs temporary contracts with the employees and puts them at the disposal of the user to work for a limited period of time established in the leasing of personnel contract under the surveillance and the management of the user.

This way, the work through the temporary work agent is characterized by the fact that the employee signs the employment contract with the employer and the employer signs a leasing contract for the personnel with the user at whom the employee will work during a period of time.

The services that our specialists in the temporary work offer with professionalism are consultancy services for:

  • The procedure of authorization as temporary work agency;
  • The leasing of the personnel, the applicable legislation at the national and european level in order to avoid any noncompliance;
  • The creation of the temporary labor contract, of the additional documents and of the job description;
  • The creation of the leasing of the personnel contract closed between the employer and the user;
  • The regime of the temporary employees in the company of the user;
  • The salary of the temporary employees according to the internal and european legal regulations;
  • The rights and the obligations of the temporary employees;
  • The A1 form for the temporary employees;
  • The benefits of the leasing of the personnel.