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Our mission and values


Our objective is to offer to our clients and candidates the best solutions in the recruitment of the personnel, consultancy in temporary work, posting personnel and support in order to obtain the A1 form. We put together specialists and professional development opportunities.

As a mission, we want to develop for our clients strong and lasting solutions in the recruitment of the personnel in Romania and all over the world and to support them with professional consultancy in their activity.

All these are achieved because we mix successfully the classical methods, the innovative ones and the experience of our team in the recruitment of the personnel.

We provide to our partners, clients and candidates, all our attention and the quality of our services represents the proof of the involvement and the empathy with their wishes and needs.

We always believe that success can be insured only by professionalism, commitment and passion, by the special relationship that we have with each client and candidate, for us each partner being special and unique.

This way, the values that represent the foundation of our company and that define us in the professional and interpersonal relationships are:

  • Passion and commitment – our consultants treat each requested service with the same dedication and enthusiasm;
  • Respect of the deadlines – time is one of the most precious irreversible resource and because of that we treasure it for us and as well as for our partners;
  • Quality – because quality is always the result of an intelligent effort and it has never been accidental, our team offers the best efforts in this regard;
  • Politeness – it’s our great pleasure to offer to our partners the respect and the amiability that they deserve;
  • Competitiveness – We’ve always liked to be different and to be better every day;
  • Flexibility – each partner is different and special. Because of that our services correspond to all the needs and desires;

Empathy – because we care!